Wild History of Slot Machines

The Wild History of Slot Machines


It is very rare to go to any casino and not find any slot machine. They can be either online slots or land based slots. Slot machines trace back to around 1887.
There are two accounts on the invention of slot machines. The first account was that Charles fey in the years 1887 invented the liberty bell machine. It was very simple and usually featured three reels and five symbols. 
The second version is that Fey developed his machine later in 1895. This version claims that the machine was inaugurated by Pitt and Sittman. This particular machine was based on regular poker where only fifty cards were used.
The 50 cards could be featured on five spinning drums .Analyzing the two accounts, we can get a lot of similarities and differences. They both required a person to pull a lever to start the drum spins or the reels.
Another similarity is that both required a person to insert coin before spinning. If a person won, there was a reward. 
One major difference that was observed based on the two accounts is that the liberty bell had been designed to dispense off coin if a person won the spin whereas the machine developed by Pitt and Sittman did not have this feature.
Another difference is that only liberty bell had symbols. The machine invented by Pitt and Sittman used cards and had five reels instead of three.
Comparing the two accounts, it is evident that the liberty bell is the pioneer for slot machines. This is because it had three reels, used symbols and also that it was a requirement to insert coin before a person could make a spin.
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